Indoor Navigation: Helping You Get There

Web-site analytics packages such as Google Analytics are a nosey person’s dream. It’s fun to log into G.A. and learn what kind of mobile devices are visiting your web site and what pages they like and what they don’t and so forth. 

Turns out that Google Analytics says one of the main ways people find our site is through a little article that our CTO, Nick Farina, wrote for O’Reilly Radar.

Why Indoor Navigation is So Hard

It’s not a very self-promotional article; it’s just helpful. And we imagine that’s why people like it.

If you run a venue — a retailer, hospital, stadium, etc. — or are a software developer working for one, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about indoor navigation. How do people use their phones to get around your building? And how do you connect with them in a tasteful way? 

If you are thinking about indoor navigation, you’ve likely searched the term online. And maybe seen Nick’s little article. Sometimes, it’s even a first search result on Google!

And that makes us happy. Helpful content can win every once in awhile. 

Anyway, check out the article at O’Reilly and let us know what you think. Therein, Nick discusses why finding your way around buildings with your phone has been challenging up until this point. But, never fear: There are some advances in both software and hardware that are making wayfinding indoors easier. 

Perhaps we can get Nick out of the office to talk about his findings in public again. See, there’s Nick on stage at the Where 2.0 conference!

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Meridian Makes Finding Your Way Easy for Customers →


I had the recent experience of reviewing this solution for use in several large healthcare facilities. My take away from this review was that the Meridian App solution is a MUST for hospitals as it increases customer service in this new smartphone era.


We got the keys to our shiny new office today in Suite 200 of the Graphic Arts Building. It’s a corner space with lots of light and an awesome perch-like view of the Pearl District.

Now, it’s time to make that dent in the world.

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NYC Subway Launched! →


We are so excited that our entire art collection has been added to the Meridian App for Apple and Android mobile devices! Select a work of art, and the app provides still images, text information on the background, inspiration and significance of each work, and at selected stations, video and audio clips featuring its artists.

For the New York subway stations with wireless Internet connectivity, the app also provides turn-by-turn directions at select large stations to the precise locations of the art works. This indoor-navigation feature will continue to develop as the MTA adds cell and data service throughout the MTA network.

The app is built by Meridian Apps, a firm specializing in place-centered apps that offer spatial navigation for museums, convention halls, stadia and large stores. Using the app, subway customers can enjoy the same experience as museumgoers at some of the most prominent institutions around the world that have partnered with Meridian for special museum-specific apps, including the American Museum of Natural History.

Put this public NY art collection in the palm of your hand! (And finally find out more information about the little bronze guys in the 14th Street Station. You know the ones.)

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It’s time for us to move. We’ll be incredibly sad to leave our current office, which has been a fantastic place for us to grow in. But we have stretched the space to its limits!

Beautiful, glammed-out version of our app icon/logo, on dribbble.

Beautiful, glammed-out version of our app icon/logo, on dribbble.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Android version of Meridian, running on a Nexus S.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Android version of Meridian, running on a Nexus S.


Meridian was referenced in Jimmy Fallon’s monologue! (starting around 1:45)

And don’t worry Jimmy: the app uses the iPhone’s proximity sensor and microphone to detect angry consumers behind you.

Powell’s City of Books, a true Portland icon. Now on Meridian.

Powell’s City of Books, a true Portland icon. Now on Meridian.